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Find Silence & Calm. in the poetry of Yoga & Art

Powerful, Personal Spiritual Healing for the Feminine.

Nurture, Nature & Nourishment

for the Mind, Body & Soul

About Me

Illuminating Lives through the Yoga of Art & Blissful Movements: With over 30 years of practice and teaching yoga & meditation, Carrie B is a registered YA EYT500, Certified Meditation Teacher, Yoga Therapist & holds an M.Ed. in Fine Arts.

Connect with your Poetry

⋆ Text 802.526.YOGA ⋆

Connect with your Poetry ⋆ Text 802.526.YOGA ⋆

where Yoga & Art Unite

Evidence Shows:

  • develops your creativity
  • supports your emotional well-being
  • builds your problem-solving skills
  • improves memory & concentration
  • relives stress
  • Mindfulness is evident through Art

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