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Carrie B

Illuminating Lives through the Yoga of Art & Blissful Movements: With over 32 years of practice and teaching yoga & meditation to the AZ Cardinals, Columbus Crew, Taylor Swift & Band, MS Society + Yoga Conferences.

Carrie B is also a registered YA EYT500, Certified Meditation Teacher, Yoga Therapist & holds an M.Ed. in Fine Arts. Her signature program, "Meditate to Create: Art-Infused Action," sessions instill a Therapeutic Nature to Create Innately (meditation, drawing + painting).

Yoga-Inspired Jewelry, Designer at her Bhakti Studio in Arizona! Experience MAKER. Sensual OM Founder.

Silence SEEKER. RELATable.

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30+ years I've learned & taught Uniques Sessions of the Eastern-Based, Raja Yoga Principles. Enhance your Daily Life with a Personalized Session for ANY Body

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With Bliss, you have many options.

1:1 Coaching, Live Sessions & a plethora of Options for your Health. Take a Listen.

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Meditations, Breathwork, Live, Engaging Sessions Sharing the POETRY of Yoga & Art.

+ Personal 1:1 & Group Sessions

where Yoga & Art Unite

Evidence Shows:

  • develops your creativity
  • supports your emotional well-being
  • builds your problem-solving skills
  • improves memory & concentration
  • relives stress
  • Mindfulness is evident through Art

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Experienced Yoga Teacher with over 30,000 Hrs.