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i am the succulent gemini: once called a moodhist: ramblings

if you're a gemini, i'm sure this quick-draw will resonate with you. the happy, the sad, the victorious, the calmness. where does the gemini in you hide?

my condo, now, is the first place, laid out in the metropolis of the Phoenix metropolis. i love the desert. today i wish i wasn't here...the desert, yes but not the noise or the people. i tell my partner we need to move "OUT THERE" there. his reply? where is out there? i do not know specifically, i just know i need to be in solitude right now.

i'm bombarded by 'teams' messages. my head is buzzing. after all, i am highly sensitive and I've come to learn a few things about those messages and other buzzes, dings, clicks, non-stop noise although i do hear the birds singing which has been refreshing. then BOOM, a loud truck drives by. loud enough, i need to shut my door. Dang, it's so beautiful out; i like having the doors open when we have the divine weather we're having in the desert. (and while writing this, grammarly keeps bombarding me with suggestions on how to change my sentence structure which i do not want to change currently).

what I've learned about all the invasions? they play a huge part in my serenity...or lack of. i now know that i must keep them at bay. i went to system preferences and turned all the notifications to as little as needed and no sounds.

this gemini already has part of the early summer planned; retreats. one I will participate in, one i will present my 'meditate to create' program. Sangha Fest, nestled in Aztec, NM. i have high hopes for my first, big presentation. i'm reluctant because of the amount of people, yet have the need to be with my people...whoever they are. quite little peeps who sit in meditation, chant and practice movement.

i'm ambivalently sad/happy. my brain cannot decide and all i can do at this moment is to tell you the story. as i listen to Satnam Kaur, i am reminded of the peace needed. i also notice that i need to take a walk in the forest. where is that forest i wandered into as a child? where shall i wander today? if only i could take a quick drive to a forest, i would feel more relaxed. the gas bubbles would disappear and i would light the candle & read.

(my ex-husband used to call me a moodhist = being a gemini with all those bubbly personalities always rearing their heads. he was really onto something)